Friday, September 21, 2012

Puzzles 77-79 : Practice puzzles for LMI test

As i told i made 3 practice puzzles Arithmetic Box, Doors, No-touch Diagonal Sudoku for the "123 GO! test". Thanks to Prasanna for test-solving it and feedback.

Also i am giving the links of other types of puzzles there in test which you can find on this blog :)


ARITHMETIC BOX ( Rated - Hard)

Place a number from the given set into each of the nine cells such that all six equations are satisfied. Equations are read left-to-right and top-to-bottom and follow BODMAS rule.
DOORS ( Rated - Easy)

Each cell represents a room. All rooms are connected (by a horizontal-vertical path) and they are separated by doors. Some doors are closed while some are open. The number in a cell indicates the amount of rooms visible from that cell (excluding the cell itself) in all four directions.
Place numbers 1~3 in the grid such that every row, column, 2x3 box and two diagonals contains each number exactly once. Same numbers cannot touch other diagonally.

LMI : 123 GO! - Puzzle Test

LOGIC MASTERS INDIA Announces September Puzzle Test
"123 GO!" from 22-24 September 2012.
Author                     : Rohan Rao
Instruction Booklet  : Click here to Download
Championship Page : Click here
Discussion Thread   : Click here

I will be soon posting some practice puzzles. Also I performed well in the Borders & Beyond by Prasanna Seshadri. So 2 back to back puzzle tests and both by Indian Authors. I would like to join this elite by organizing a test in coming years. :)
Waiting for weekend to come and i appear for the test!! 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Puzzle No 76 - MASYU

So here goes first puzzle after long time. Sticking to the Classics but with better difficulty.
This is Masyu Puzzle Click on the name for the Rules.
Difficulty : Little More than Medium
Puzzle :

LMI : akil oyunlari magazine competition (18-20th august)

LOGIC MASTERS INDIA announces August Puzzle Test "akil oyunlari magazine competition" from 18-20th August 2012.
Author : Serkan Yurekli
Instruction Booklet  : Click here to Download
Championship Page : Click here
Discussion Thread    : Click here 

This test features some unique puzzles that have appeared in Akil Oyunlari Magazine over the years. Also prizes to be won for the Top 3 players. For further information please check the Instruction Booklet.

All types of puzzle in this test are new to me. So needs a careful study of rules and some practice. I will see if possible i could make some practice puzzles but i don't promise it and also provide with links where someone else have made some of them. Here goes few : (Click on the name to open the link)
NURIKABE LOOP : Prasanna Seshadri
Skyscraper Rising    : gorogoro
SIGNAGE                : Naoki Inaba

Looking forward to test. Best of luck to others too. :)

LMI : Beginners' Sudoku Contest

After a stunning response in Regional Rounds held for Indian Sudoku Championship by Times of India in Co-ordination with LMI. LMI decided to have this contest which will attract lot of indians and encourage to participate and get use to the various types of sudoku.
"LMI Beginners' Sudoku Contests" is targeted at players who have mostly solved Classic sudokus in the past, with much less expertise in variants.
 There will be 2 rounds, each of 40 minutes. One round will contain 4 Classic Sudokus, other one will contain 4 basic variants.
This contest is planned every month with 1 week of participation time so that one has freedom to participate according to their leisure.
AUGUST 2012 contest has already started with still 4 days left.
Discussion Thread / Questions : Click Here

To check details of JULY 2012 contest : Click here

Non Puzzle Related Post

Its been long time since i haven't published anything. Lot of things have happened since my last post. Firstly few LOGICMASTERSINDIA weekend tests got over. I have not yet shared my experience of this year's INDIAN PUZZLE  CHAMPIONSHIP and INDIAN SUDOKU CHAMPIONSHIP which was taken under by Times of India to organize and sponsor to the winners to represent INDIA at World Championship. Also after that to attract more Indians into this LMI started with SUDOKU BEGINNERS' CONTEST. Details of all these things will be put up shortly as and when i find time.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Puzzle No 75 - MASYU NO TOUCH

How to start this post?. The Samurai Puzzle Test was my worst performance ever. So it seems that i need a little break from all these to get fresh up. But i will try to create puzzles and post it whenever possible. Here goes one after such a long time. Njoy this one!. Again the first puzzle of new type so the difficulty is easy side. :)
Rules :-
This is another Masyu Variant. It was used in IPC 2012. 
All Masyu Rules apply. Click on the name for rules. Additional rules are as follows :-
1) Cells unvisited by the loop cannot be orthogonally adjacent to each other.

Difficulty :- Easy-ish !!
Puzzle :-
Unique Solution :-    Click here

Friday, June 15, 2012


LOGIC MASTERS INDIA announces the June Puzzle test  "SEVEN SAMURAIS".
Author :- Andrey Bogdanov
Instruction Booklet  :-  Click here to download
Championship Page :-  Click here
Discussion Forum    :-  Click here

Regarding the test    :-
This test have 7 samurais, each samurai having some classic puzzles overlapping with each other.
Looking forward to the test. Best of luck to others too. :) :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Non Puzzle Post

First of all regrets for being away for so many days without any news.
Had to go to Andhra Pradesh suddenly. Now i am back so will be posting the puzzles regularly.
Also this weekend the puzzle test : SEVEN SAMURAIS (16-18th june 2012) is coming. Further Details will be posted soon. Also i have to share my experience of IPC 2012 that will also be posted soon along with the puzzle. Till then have a good night. :)

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Puzzles (69-74) IPC-2012 PRACTICE PUZZLES

Finally was able to find time and created few practice puzzles. I tried to make those puzzles which are not on my blog with few exceptions :p
Almost spent 1hr for creating Start Battle but was struggling at the end part. Will give another try later and if done then post it here by tomorrow. Besides below puzzles one can solve already existing puzzles on the blog which are as follows :-

Difficulty :- Between Easy - Medium
Puzzles   :-
Draw a single closed loop using horizontal and vertical segments. It does not cross or overlap itself, and it may not visit all cells.The loop makes 90o turn at every cell with a black circle, but does not make a turn immediately before or after. The loop goes straight at every cell with a white circle, but makes a 90o turn immediately before or after or both. 


Locate a snake in the grid, whose head and tail are given. The snake does not touch itself even at a point. Numbers outside the grid indicate lengths of snake segments in the corresponding direction.


Paint some cells to create black walls. The numbers outside the grid indicate lengths of blackened cell blocks in the corresponding directions, in order. If there are more than one blacked blocks in a row or column,  here must be a white cell between the blocks. A snake travels through all the white cells, moving horizontally or vertically, without touching itself, even at a point. The head and tail of the snake is given.

Square Division

Divide the grid area into several square sub-areas. Each square must contain exactly one circle.

Square Division2 (Variant)

Divide the grid area into several square sub-areas. Each square of length N must contain exactly N circles.

Find out the correct series of symbols with the help of the information given by the black and white markers. Black markers indicate correct symbols in the right position, while the white ones mark correct symbols in the wrong place. Each symbol can occur only once in the solution.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Here we go, a much awaited competition. I would encourage all the Indians to participate in it. 
For Discussion Forum   :  Click here
For Instruction Booklet :  Download
For Championship Page :  Click here

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Puzzle 68 - BLACK AND WHITE MATCHMAKER (Practice puzzle for LMI test)

Finally i thought to make the Black and white Matchmaker. Although i think the puzzles i created may be of easy level but good enough for practice. Njoy!! solving it. Here goes the rules. :) :)
Description :-
You are given 6 grids and 5 puzzletypes. Match each grid with a different puzzletypes and solve them. One grid will not be used.

Draw a single loop that passes every cell with a circle.
In cells with black circles, the loop must make a 90-degree turn and goes straight in neighboring cells.
In cells with white circles, the loop must go straight and makes a 90-degree turn in at least one of neighboring cells.
Black & white
Fill the grid with black or white circles so that all of the circles with same color will be connected vertically or horizontally.
Circles with same color can't form a 2x2 square.
Sun & Moon
Draw a single loop that passes every cell.
The loop can't make turns between cells with circles of the same color,
and makes just one 90-degree turn between cells with circles of different colors.
Not alone
Fill the grid with black or white circles so that each row or column has the same amount of black circles and white circles.
One circle of a color can't be sandwitched by circles of the other color virtically or holizontally.
An array of two or more circles of a same color may be sandwitched by circles of the other color virtically or holizontally.
Signal loop
Draw a single loop that passes every cell except cells with black circles.
The loop goes straight in cells with white circles.

Difficulty :- Between Easy and Medium!!
Grids :-


Unique Solution : - Click here.

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Hey, As announced in earlier posts about LMI may puzzle test "NO NUMBERS". All puzzles were new to me. And getting familiar with that there is no other better way than creating a one. Although still other types i am trying to grasp it. I succeeded in making two of them for " TRIO CUT".
Rules : You can refer the Instruction Booklet (Download) - Sample puzzle given along with rules.
I am giving rules here again so that no need to go to IB all the time.
1) Paint some cells black to make some triminos so that each trimino will be cut twice by thick lines.
2) Each region bordered by thick lines should have three painted cells.
Difficulty :- Between Easy and Medium ( As first time for me too). Will see if i could get a hard one.
Puzzle 66 :-
Puzzle 67 :-
Unique solutions :- Click here.

Puzzle No 65 - LITS

Issue :- At row10c1 and row10c2 both touch each other and are both I pieces violating the rules of LITS. Please assume that part as possible for this puzzle and solve remaining part according to the rules. I somehow missed that while verifying the puzzle. It will not happen next time. Thanks to    Δόλιχος to point out this issue.
So This is my first Puzzle after the break. So had to be something different. Its again new type on the blog. Also i made of large size 15*15. Moving towards the Puzzle.
Description :
It is LITS puzzle. Click on the name for the rules. I thought of using only L,I,T,S and make it although reflected rotated and of irregular size. As you will see in the left side of the puzzle most of them are L or I or T or S. But didn't succeed in that. Obviously this also fine with me as it is the first one for me. Njoy !!
Difficulty :- Medium (May be Hard also but confused!! :p)
Puzzle :- 
Solution : - Click here for Unique Solution.


LOGIC MASTERS INDIA announces the May LMI puzzle test - "NO NUMBERS"  from may26-may28.
AUTHOR :- Xevs (Ko Okamoto)
Click here for Championship Page.
Click here for Discussion Forum.
Instruction Booklet : Download

Hey i told that i will resume posting from 20th but Can't Stop my patience so had to break that. It feels really relaxed after completing Exams. So now i can put some time on the puzzles. Also IPC is coming near.

Regarding this Puzzle Test,
It has many new types of puzzles which we are unfamiliar with. So read carefully the rules in Instruction Booklet. Although I myself not yet got familiar with it. I thought for making some practice puzzles as someone does in any test. But as i said i am not yet familiar with many. For time being i am ready with "TRIO CUT" Puzzle.
Puzzles list in this test :-
1) Curve Data
2) Trio Cut
3) No numbers field
4) It's Yours
5) Synchronized Maze
6) No numbers loop
7) Black and White Matchmaker

Waiting for that Weekend of the contest..Best of luck to all!! :) :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Non Puzzle Posts

Hey Sorry to Disappoint to all those who visit my blog frequently.
As my final 3rd year exams have started, I would not be able to post the puzzles.
I will resume Posting from may 20th. I promise i would compensate this by posting 2 puzzles almost everyday.
Till then You can keep solving already existing puzzles.
Get back to you after may 20th. !!  :) Sorry once again. !! 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Puzzle No 64 (Tapa)

Description :-
As lack of time, TAPA (Click on name for rules) is the puzzle that can be created fast. :p
I was creating this on my notebook page, suddenly found there is no space left at bottom to complete 10*10 square. So made this puzzle of rectangle. Njoy!! :)
Difficulty :- Easy!!
Puzzle :-
Unique Solution :- Click here.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Puzzle No 63 (Fillomino)

Description :-
It is Fillomino Puzzle. Click on the name for the rules. Actually this puzzle was for tomorrow, but i doubt that i will get time to publish it. So i am posting it today itself. Finally a symmetry puzzle by me. Had to compromise in giving two more additional clues just for the sake of symmetry. But still the difficulty is not affected much by it. 
Again, ignore the coloring as this would just indicate the originally given numbers and to highlight the symmetry. :p
Difficulty :- Hard one!! 
Puzzle :-
Unique Solution :- Click here.

Puzzle No 62 ( Fillomino )

Description :-
This is another new genre on my blog. It is Fillomino Puzzle. Click on the name of  puzzle for the rules. 
First of all, Ignore the coloring as it just indicates originally given numbers. While creating it, ended up with odd size of grid so don't get shocked. :p
Njoy!! :)
Difficulty :- Easy
Puzzle :-
Unique Solution :- Click here.


Objective / Rules :-
Fill in grid cells with numbers as per following rules :-
1)  Some of the numbers are already given.
2) The area, connected by same numbers horizontally or vertically, is called "Block".
3) Each block contains cells as same as that number.
So your grid gets divided into different size blocks, after you have filled all the numbers.
4) Same size block must not touch each other, Horizontally or Vertically.

I have tried to simplify the rules as much as i can.
The example puzzle should clarify your doubts.
Here is the link for alternate explanation of Rules :-
1) Palmer Mebane Blog

2) Nikoli Website

Example :-
Unique Solution :-
Here you can see that there is no option for 2 number to have 1 more cell connected to it other than in between 1-1 (else it would violate rule no 4.)
Secondly, the remaining cells has to be 1 complete block of 5 cells else trying to divide into 2 or 3 or.. blocks will violate the rule no 4.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Puzzle No 61 ( Minesweeper )

Description :-

First of all sorry for such delay, as my final exams are going on. It will continue for 1 month. Will try to Post Puzzles whenever it is possible. Coming back to puzzle,
It is Minesweeper Puzzle. Click on the name for the rules.
Difficulty :- Easy
Puzzle :-
Unique Solution :- Click here.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Description :-
This is Inequality Puzzle. Click on name for the rules. I was trying make some symmetric puzzle. But at the end i have to break the jinx at the bottom right as you will see. I am trying to get used to this type of genre. So this puzzle is somewhat easy type. Next time you can expect a difficult one.
Njoy!! :)
Difficulty :- Simple enough!
Puzzle :-
Unique Solution :- Click here.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Puzzle No 59 (INEQUALITY)

Description :-
This is first Puzzle of Inequality genre. Also called as Futoshiki. Click on the name for the rules.
Have fun!! :)
Difficulty :- Easy-ish!
Puzzle :-
Unique Solution :- Click here.


Description :-
This is another new genre on my blog. As the name says it is FUTOSHIKI puzzle. It means "INEQUALITY", thus forming the rules of the puzzle.
Rules :-
1) Place numbers of the given range in the grid such that every row and column contains each number exactly once. 
2) Inequality constraints must be satisfied.
3) The open end of the sign denotes the greater number.

Following example will clarify the rules.
Puzzle :-                           Range  :  (1~3)
As you can note here, the top row numbers directly can be fitted and thereafter it solves nicely.
Unique Solution :-

Puzzle No 58 (Nurikabe)

Description :-
This is a Nurikabe Puzzle. Click on the name for rules. Its little harder than my previous one.
Size of grid is still 10*10.

Difficulty :- Simple and Medium (Confused - Rate it according to

Puzzle :-
Unique Solution :- Click here.

Monday, April 2, 2012


Description :
It follows all the rules of Tapa snake. Click on the name for rules. 
Additional Rule :-
Clue indicates the minimum number of continuous shaded cells in that row or column if a shaded cell exists.
It means if clue is 2 then along that column or row there cant be a single shaded cell while adjacent being unshaded. The effect of clue extends as the arrow points in the corners.
The following image will clarify it :-
Njoy!!! :)
Difficulty :- Simple Enough!!
Puzzle :-
 Unique Solution : Click here

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Puzzle No 56 (3D TAPA SNAKE)

Description :
Follow Regular Tapa Snake Rules. Click on the name for rules. Instead of 2D its a 3D figure. I am just loving to create this 3D ones.
Njoy!! :)
Difficulty :- Medium
Puzzle :-
Unique Solution :- Click here

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Puzzle No 55 (TENTS)

Description :-
This is Tents Puzzle. Click on the name for rules. Refreshing memories of my first Indian Puzzle Championship.
It was time taking to get done with rules thoroughly and then finding tricks etc.
Njoy!! :)
Difficulty :- Medium
Puzzle :-

Unique Solution :- Click here

Friday, March 30, 2012

Puzzle No 54 ("3D TAPA")

Description :-
Finally a 3d puzzle. It is "3D TAPA" . No more time waste on description for today :p
Rules : -
It follows regular TAPA rules. Click on the name for rules. It's just that it is 3 dimensional but single grid.
Njoy!! :)

Difficulty :- Easy~~~ish!!
Puzzle :-
Unique Solution:- Click here

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Puzzle No 53 ( Tapa Snake - Cellular)

Description :-
It is just the extended version of Tapa Snake. There is a change in only one rule. The below puzzle is very easy one just to show the usage of rules. This puzzle does not use much of it but of course clearly depicts the meaning of rules.
Rules :-
1) Locate a snake in the grid, moving horizontally or vertically without touching itself even diagonally (i.e. not even at a point).
2) Clues inside the grid indicates the Number of Black cells in surrounding Cells. (Note : it does not indicate length of black cells as in Classic Tapa and So you will find only single digit clues ) 
3) The Head and Tail of snake are given as black circles.

Difficulty :- Simple.
Puzzle :-
Unique Solution :- Click here

Monday, March 26, 2012

Puzzle No 52 (Tapa Snake)

Description :
Tapa is a puzzle Created by Serkan Yurekli. 
This is one of the variations of Tapa or rather one of the variations of Snake puzzle in what ever way you consider. It is Tapa Snake puzzle.

Rules :-
1) Locate a snake in the grid, moving horizontally or vertically
    without touching itself even diagonally (i.e not even at a point).

1) Clues inside the grid are regular Tapa clues, indicating the
    number of cells occupied by the snake
    (Click on the name for more clarity).

2) The Head and Tail of snake are given as black Circles.

Difficulty : Easy-ish (As the first timer).
Puzzle :-
Unique Solution :- Click here

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Puzzle No 51 (TAPA)

Description :- 
This is again First timer on my blog. It is TAPA puzzle. Click on the name for rules. Apart from Classic tapa there are many variations in TAPA. As the time goes on i will introduce you to the other variations.

Difficulty : - Easy-ish!!
Puzzle :-
Unique Solution :-  Click here

Friday, March 23, 2012

Puzzle No 50 (Regional Masyu)

Description :-
First of all HAPPY GUDIPADWA / NEW YEAR. Nothing special for my 50th puzzle. Only thing i was finally able to create a little big puzzle as well as keeping its rating HARD. 
This is REGIONAL MASYU puzzle. Click on the name for the rules. It took almost 30 min to create this one , tweaking it and
then finally testing it twice. It Feels great reaching this stage of creation.

Njoy!!! :)

Difficulty : HARD
Puzzle :- 

Unique Solution :- Click Here

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Puzzle No 49 (Masyu)

Description :-
After few variants getting back to this basic puzzle. It is simple Masyu Puzzle. Click on the name for the rules.
It is one of the fastest creations of mine.

Difficulty :- Easy- uhh.
Puzzle :-
Unique Solution :- Click here

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Puzzle No 48 (Ripple Effect)

Description :

Introduction to another new type of puzzle Ripple Effect on this blog. Click on the name for the rules.
The rules page also has a flash interface which shows the rules dynamically through a certain sample puzzle. 
I took around 10 min to create this one. After that you will be comfortable with rules. Njoy this one!! :)
Just for the sake of quick review i am giving the rules here also :-

1) The areas surrounded by bold lines are called "Rooms".
2) A room has all the numbers up to the number of cells in the

3) If a number appears more than once in a row or column, there
    must be at least the number of cells equal to the number between
    these numbers.

Difficulty : Easy-ish to start with.

Update !!! - Puzzle is Wrong and needs a fix. Please do not solve this. It will be fixed soon. Thank you for your patience. 

Puzzle :-
Unique Solution :- Click here

Monday, March 19, 2012

Puzzle No 47 (Sudoku)

This is second classic sudoku creation of mine. I am not so good
in creating sudokus. So you may find the clues are in pattern say it
heart shaped, diamond or Christmas tree etc as from your point of
view. For rules click here. For solving techniques click here. I am
publishing tomorrow's puzzle today itself as i doubt that tomorrow
i will be able to find time to post it.

Have Fun!! :)
Difficulty : Easy.

Unique Solution :- Click here


Description :-
This is the second puzzle of this new variant. For time being i am giving the name to this variant as
"SLITHERLINK CELLULAR". Click on the name for the rules. If you think lots of clues are given
then give it a try then decide !! Njoy !! :)

Difficult :- As such i can't rate it as it is new. But for me it is

Puzzle :-
Unique Solution :- Click here. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Puzzle No 45 (Slitherlink Variant)

Description :
I was trying some new rules on the Slitherlink puzzle and ended with this one. I don't know whether this variant already present or not. Anyways enjoy this!!! :) :)
Rules :-
1) Normal rules (click on name for the same) 
Additional Rules:-
2) ALL yellow colored cells will have same appearance in the Solution. It means if a particular yellow colored cell is like this
(as shown below)  then all other yellow cells will also be 

(as shown below).

3) These yellow cells should be outside the closed loop.

The following puzzle will clarify the rules properly.
This one is the first puzzle so it is Easy one!!
I have not yet decided the name of this variant.

Puzzle :-
Unique Solution : Click here