Thursday, May 31, 2012

Puzzles (69-74) IPC-2012 PRACTICE PUZZLES

Finally was able to find time and created few practice puzzles. I tried to make those puzzles which are not on my blog with few exceptions :p
Almost spent 1hr for creating Start Battle but was struggling at the end part. Will give another try later and if done then post it here by tomorrow. Besides below puzzles one can solve already existing puzzles on the blog which are as follows :-

Difficulty :- Between Easy - Medium
Puzzles   :-
Draw a single closed loop using horizontal and vertical segments. It does not cross or overlap itself, and it may not visit all cells.The loop makes 90o turn at every cell with a black circle, but does not make a turn immediately before or after. The loop goes straight at every cell with a white circle, but makes a 90o turn immediately before or after or both. 


Locate a snake in the grid, whose head and tail are given. The snake does not touch itself even at a point. Numbers outside the grid indicate lengths of snake segments in the corresponding direction.


Paint some cells to create black walls. The numbers outside the grid indicate lengths of blackened cell blocks in the corresponding directions, in order. If there are more than one blacked blocks in a row or column,  here must be a white cell between the blocks. A snake travels through all the white cells, moving horizontally or vertically, without touching itself, even at a point. The head and tail of the snake is given.

Square Division

Divide the grid area into several square sub-areas. Each square must contain exactly one circle.

Square Division2 (Variant)

Divide the grid area into several square sub-areas. Each square of length N must contain exactly N circles.

Find out the correct series of symbols with the help of the information given by the black and white markers. Black markers indicate correct symbols in the right position, while the white ones mark correct symbols in the wrong place. Each symbol can occur only once in the solution.

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