Friday, September 21, 2012

Puzzles 77-79 : Practice puzzles for LMI test

As i told i made 3 practice puzzles Arithmetic Box, Doors, No-touch Diagonal Sudoku for the "123 GO! test". Thanks to Prasanna for test-solving it and feedback.

Also i am giving the links of other types of puzzles there in test which you can find on this blog :)


ARITHMETIC BOX ( Rated - Hard)

Place a number from the given set into each of the nine cells such that all six equations are satisfied. Equations are read left-to-right and top-to-bottom and follow BODMAS rule.
DOORS ( Rated - Easy)

Each cell represents a room. All rooms are connected (by a horizontal-vertical path) and they are separated by doors. Some doors are closed while some are open. The number in a cell indicates the amount of rooms visible from that cell (excluding the cell itself) in all four directions.
Place numbers 1~3 in the grid such that every row, column, 2x3 box and two diagonals contains each number exactly once. Same numbers cannot touch other diagonally.

LMI : 123 GO! - Puzzle Test

LOGIC MASTERS INDIA Announces September Puzzle Test
"123 GO!" from 22-24 September 2012.
Author                     : Rohan Rao
Instruction Booklet  : Click here to Download
Championship Page : Click here
Discussion Thread   : Click here

I will be soon posting some practice puzzles. Also I performed well in the Borders & Beyond by Prasanna Seshadri. So 2 back to back puzzle tests and both by Indian Authors. I would like to join this elite by organizing a test in coming years. :)
Waiting for weekend to come and i appear for the test!!