Sunday, August 12, 2012

Puzzle No 76 - MASYU

So here goes first puzzle after long time. Sticking to the Classics but with better difficulty.
This is Masyu Puzzle Click on the name for the Rules.
Difficulty : Little More than Medium
Puzzle :

LMI : akil oyunlari magazine competition (18-20th august)

LOGIC MASTERS INDIA announces August Puzzle Test "akil oyunlari magazine competition" from 18-20th August 2012.
Author : Serkan Yurekli
Instruction Booklet  : Click here to Download
Championship Page : Click here
Discussion Thread    : Click here 

This test features some unique puzzles that have appeared in Akil Oyunlari Magazine over the years. Also prizes to be won for the Top 3 players. For further information please check the Instruction Booklet.

All types of puzzle in this test are new to me. So needs a careful study of rules and some practice. I will see if possible i could make some practice puzzles but i don't promise it and also provide with links where someone else have made some of them. Here goes few : (Click on the name to open the link)
NURIKABE LOOP : Prasanna Seshadri
Skyscraper Rising    : gorogoro
SIGNAGE                : Naoki Inaba

Looking forward to test. Best of luck to others too. :)

LMI : Beginners' Sudoku Contest

After a stunning response in Regional Rounds held for Indian Sudoku Championship by Times of India in Co-ordination with LMI. LMI decided to have this contest which will attract lot of indians and encourage to participate and get use to the various types of sudoku.
"LMI Beginners' Sudoku Contests" is targeted at players who have mostly solved Classic sudokus in the past, with much less expertise in variants.
 There will be 2 rounds, each of 40 minutes. One round will contain 4 Classic Sudokus, other one will contain 4 basic variants.
This contest is planned every month with 1 week of participation time so that one has freedom to participate according to their leisure.
AUGUST 2012 contest has already started with still 4 days left.
Discussion Thread / Questions : Click Here

To check details of JULY 2012 contest : Click here

Non Puzzle Related Post

Its been long time since i haven't published anything. Lot of things have happened since my last post. Firstly few LOGICMASTERSINDIA weekend tests got over. I have not yet shared my experience of this year's INDIAN PUZZLE  CHAMPIONSHIP and INDIAN SUDOKU CHAMPIONSHIP which was taken under by Times of India to organize and sponsor to the winners to represent INDIA at World Championship. Also after that to attract more Indians into this LMI started with SUDOKU BEGINNERS' CONTEST. Details of all these things will be put up shortly as and when i find time.