Monday, January 30, 2012

Puzzle No 37 (Sudoku)

Difficulty : Easy.

After Many Varieties of puzzles. Back to basic fundamentals. This one is again for sudoku lovers. This one is Classic Sudoku.
Click on the name for rules. 
Click here to check out the solving techniques.
It is quite easy level. I dont have much experience in creating sudokus. Frankly this one is the first one.
Njoy solving.. Hope you will like it.. :)

Puzzle :
Unique Solution : Click here

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Puzzle No 36 ( Masyu )

Difficulty : Easy

Description :
This is again Normal Masyu puzzle. Click on the name for rules.  This one turned out to be easy as i had to make it in a rush. Consider it as a confidence booster puzzle as you would get it easily. Next one will be definitely tough one.

Puzzle :
Unique Solution : Click Here.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Puzzle No 35 (Akari / Light Up)

Note: - There was an error in the puzzle as it had two solutions, but it is fixed now, slight modification has been done by adding a black cell at r3c4. Thanks to Otto Janko for notifying it.

Difficulty : Easy
Description :
It is known as Akari Puzzle / Light up / Bulb . Click on the name for rules. This is my first puzzle on this type. It is definitely of easy level. Next time it will not be as simple as this one. Njoy!! :)

Puzzle :

Unique Solution : Click here.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Puzzle No 34 (Masyu)

After two new variations in MASYU. I would like to be back at Normal Masyu rules.
Click here to see the rules. This one is little easy. You will get a nice start but then have to think in between with few logics.

Soon i will be posting some starters/Techniques for this type of puzzles. Keep checking. Njoy this one !!! :)
Difficulty : Easy 

Unique Solution : Click here.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Refreshment No 2

Here goes the another one..
Tougher than previous one.
Click here to check out previous one.

Anyways, Here is the new one. Can you find the ? in the below figure. 

Think beyond some logic and you will get another logic. Try out. Njoy!!! :) :)

Hint : (Highlight below to see)
Consider the given numbers as a series of numbers rather than trying out combinations on its look.
Answer is among these 5 options :

Still don't get it then 
Solution : Click here

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Puzzle No 33

Difficulty : Hard

Description :
This is SHIKAKU-MASYU variation. Click on the name for rules. Again this is the first puzzle i created in this new genre of variation. It took lots of time but then result was worth. Although the size is small one but a perfect puzzle for this genre. Don't go on its look. Give it a try then you will come to know. Njoy!!! :) :)

Puzzle :

Unique Solution : Click here

Rectangular Regional Masyu

Description :

As i said earlier this is my second creation. This is very new genre of puzzle and you will not find it anywhere else.
Click here to see the first one (Regional Masyu). This is basically a extended version of previous creation.
This you will see in the rules. It can also be termed as SHIKAKU-MASYU variation. Click on their names for their individual rules.

Rules :
Click on the names for their rules. I have linked the rules page here because stating basic rules again and again makes no sense.
1) Masyu rules apply
2) Shikaku rules apply
3) Regional Masyu rules

Additional rule
4) Difference between the Regional Masyu puzzle and this one is
    that Finding that regions is also part of the puzzle.

5) Finding regions makes it a Shikaku type.
6) Regions left out with no given number in it has no restrictions
    on number of turns.(see example) (i.e Numberless Regions)

7) Two numberless regions cannot be adjacent to each other. 
    (i.e. Sharing an edge)
8) Remeber you have to use all three rules together to solve the
    puzzle completely.

Following example will clarify the rules

Example :
Solution :
Here you can see that a region of 1 cell restricts the N to be equal to 1. Thus N = 1. Now while solving this example you will see that  that 9 can have two possibilities but because of  REGIONAL MASYU rule only one option is possible. Also the region of 3 cells i.e. at row 1 column 2,3,4. contains no given number. So in that region the constraint on number of turns does not apply.

Puzzle No 32

Difficulty : Medium 

Description : 
This is REGIONAL MASYU puzzle. Click on the name for rules. I am very glad to announce that this is 100th post on my blog. Many more centuries to come in coming years. Also that as this genre is my creation. Creating a puzzle on it took lots of time. Finally created it but of small size. Size greater than example but smaller than big. ( : p ). Njoy it !! :)

Puzzle :

Unique solution : Click here

Regional Masyu

Description :
This new genre of puzzle is my creation. I Can't express my feelings as i created two new variations of original Puzzle MASYU (click on the puzzle name for rules). One of them is below and another one in the following post. 

Rules :
Original Masyu rules :
1) Draw a single closed loop passing through adjacent squares.
2) At a white circle, the loop must go straight. Additionally,it must
    turn on the square visited right before or right after the white
    circle (it may turn on both, but not neither). 

3) At black circle, the loop must turn, and then go straight through
    both of the two adjacent squares.

Additional Rules:
4) In every region the number of turns (N) are constant.
5) Finding N = ? is part of puzzle.
6) The turn at black circle has to be counted in N.
7) This rules are applicable only if a region contains at least one loop segment.

Following example will clarify the rules.
Example :
Unique Solution :
Here you can see that due to black circle N = 1. Thus completing the puzzle.


This is just the refreshment in between the puzzles. Though a refresher it does not looses the LOGIC theme.

Q1 )  Find the number in this series : 0, 4, 18, 48, 100, _____ ?

Hint : (Highlight below to see -  it is in white color)
Cubes, Squares.

You can submit your answer in the form of comment.
Next weekend i will reveal the answer and its explanation.


This is one of the Best illusion i had ever seen. I wanted to share with everyone.
Description : We feature a lot of chalk drawings here, but this one stands apart from the rest if only because it is the new Guinness World Record Holder for largest chalk drawing. This was created by Joe and Max with the  help of Reebok. The creation took a full week to complete.

Puzzle No 31

Difficulty : Medium (Frankly, slightly more than Medium)


This is Slitherlink puzzle. Click on the name for rules. It was fun creating this one. It turned out to be a rectangular shape i.e size : 16*10.  Next time i will make it a square. It is also called as LOOP puzzle which you come across daily in the news paper like TIMES OF INDIA etc. This puzzle has most of the starters that i included in solving techniques section. But even then it turns out to be tough one. If you feel lots of numbers are given then give it a try. I am sure you will agree to the difficulty level. Well this was my first puzzle in Slitherlink. Enjoy !!! :)

Puzzle :

Unique Solution :     Click here

Friday, January 6, 2012

Puzzle No 30

Difficulty : Medium
Description :

This is the Kropki Puzzle. Click on the name for the rules. As i said earlier i will refer to other blogs for rules.

This is similar to Kropki Sudoku but except that the sudoku kropki has 3 * 3 blocks. 

In Kropki (this) just every row and column must have different digits. Also the size of Kropki can vary.
You will see on the rules page that example size is 4 * 4. But this puzzle is 7 * 7.

When i was creating this puzzle, I started with two black dots in center. Then other two black dots in adjacent row. Although for surprise this puzzle ended with something that i haven't thought of. Actually better than i thought. I have also published this puzzle at Puzzle Picnic website. I think this explanation itself gives the hint to solve this puzzle.
I am not so good at my words. Sorry for that.. :p
Njoy!!! :)

Puzzle : 

Unique Solution : Click here for Solution

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Puzzle No 29

Difficulty : Easy
Description :

It's NURIKABE PUZZLE. Click on the name for the rules.
I hereby will refer to Palmer Mebane blog for the rules of some of the puzzles as i found his description of puzzles is well written and explained. It just took 10 min to create this puzzle. So it ended up with too ease. I will make it more tough next time as this is just the beginning.

I have also published this puzzle on a puzzle website.
Click here for that page.

As the start of this new stream this puzzle is quite easy to get through. Have fun !!! :)

Puzzle :

Unique Solution : Click here