Friday, January 6, 2012

Puzzle No 30

Difficulty : Medium
Description :

This is the Kropki Puzzle. Click on the name for the rules. As i said earlier i will refer to other blogs for rules.

This is similar to Kropki Sudoku but except that the sudoku kropki has 3 * 3 blocks. 

In Kropki (this) just every row and column must have different digits. Also the size of Kropki can vary.
You will see on the rules page that example size is 4 * 4. But this puzzle is 7 * 7.

When i was creating this puzzle, I started with two black dots in center. Then other two black dots in adjacent row. Although for surprise this puzzle ended with something that i haven't thought of. Actually better than i thought. I have also published this puzzle at Puzzle Picnic website. I think this explanation itself gives the hint to solve this puzzle.
I am not so good at my words. Sorry for that.. :p
Njoy!!! :)

Puzzle : 

Unique Solution : Click here for Solution

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