Saturday, January 14, 2012

Regional Masyu

Description :
This new genre of puzzle is my creation. I Can't express my feelings as i created two new variations of original Puzzle MASYU (click on the puzzle name for rules). One of them is below and another one in the following post. 

Rules :
Original Masyu rules :
1) Draw a single closed loop passing through adjacent squares.
2) At a white circle, the loop must go straight. Additionally,it must
    turn on the square visited right before or right after the white
    circle (it may turn on both, but not neither). 

3) At black circle, the loop must turn, and then go straight through
    both of the two adjacent squares.

Additional Rules:
4) In every region the number of turns (N) are constant.
5) Finding N = ? is part of puzzle.
6) The turn at black circle has to be counted in N.
7) This rules are applicable only if a region contains at least one loop segment.

Following example will clarify the rules.
Example :
Unique Solution :
Here you can see that due to black circle N = 1. Thus completing the puzzle.

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