Saturday, April 27, 2013

LMI : CLASSIC MASYU CONTEST (26th April - 2nd May)

An LMI Beginners' Puzzle contest

This contest will have only classic Masyus, of varying difficulties.


Ravi Kumar Macherla
RESULTS PAGE : CLICK HERE (Will not be available until you appear for test or the contest is over whichever is earlier)
PUZZLE BOOKLET : CLICK HERE (Password Protected - Password will be available when you login and start the test)
This is a good opportunity for beginner's to prove their skills and compete among themselves as well as at the same time can track their performance in comparison to top class solvers. :)
Wish Best of Luck to all !! :)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Puzzle No 83 (Kropki)

This one is just the way i thought to be. Creating it was a real fun. You will really enjoy it. :)

Rules :-
Place numbers of the given range in the grid such that each number appears in every row and column exactly once. If the absolute difference between two digits in neighboring cells equals 1, then they're separated by a white dot. If the digit in a cell is half of the digit in a neighboring cell, then they they're separated by a black dot. The dot staying between numbers '1' and '2' can be a black or white dot as it satisfy both rules.

Rated : Hard+

Puzzle :                               Range ( 1~9)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Puzzle No 82 (NoriNori)

Again a new type of puzzle. I am attempting this for the first time and quite happy with kind of puzzle i ended with. It is also called as Dominnocuous by Mathgrant and was invented by the Japanese puzzle company Nikoli.
Njoy !! :)

Rules :  

Shade in some cell such that every region contains exactly two shaded cells, and every shaded cell shares an edge with exactly one other shaded cell.

Difficulty : Medium

Puzzle :


This competition will be used as Serbian round of WPF Sudoku Grand Prix. If you want your results to be considered for Sudoku GP, you must have yourself registered at the same page, if you have not done so earlier.

Instruction Booklet      : Click here to download

Championship Page  : Click here

Discussion Page        : Click here

Best of luck !! :)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Puzzle No 81 (Symbolic Slitherlink)

Little inspiration from Cipher puzzles, I made this Symbolic Slitherlink.
This i named it earlier as slitherlink cellular on my blog. But it seems symbolic is much better replica of its rules than cellular.
It follows all normal Slitherlink rules. Click on the name for rules. 

Additional Rule :

The cells with the same symbols behave exactly the same way, and the cells with different symbols behave in different ways. For e.g:- if a cell contains symbol and the top border has the loop segment on it then all other cells where that symbol is present will also have loop segment on the top border of that cells.
Click here for additional explanation ! :)
I would try making with more symbols introduced and much harder one ! :)

Difficulty : Easy :)

Puzzle :

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Puzzle No 80 (Minesweeper)

It is Minesweeper Puzzle. Click on the name for the rules.

Thanks to Prasanna for test solving it :).
Difficulty :- Medium
Puzzle :-

Njoy !! :)

LMI: April Contest (5-13th april)

Hey guys it has been long time, sorry for delay.
Logic Masters India announces April Contest from 5 - 13th April 2013.Note:- "No Password to the Puzzle Booklet. And the contest is already started "

Puzzle Booklet : Click here to Download.

Discussion Page : Click here

Contest Page : Click here

Results Page : Click here

This is part of the semi-annual contest held by Riad Khanmagomedov at Russian Puzzle Club 'Diogen'.Read more about Riad here.
Best of luck to all ! :)