Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Puzzle No 81 (Symbolic Slitherlink)

Little inspiration from Cipher puzzles, I made this Symbolic Slitherlink.
This i named it earlier as slitherlink cellular on my blog. But it seems symbolic is much better replica of its rules than cellular.
It follows all normal Slitherlink rules. Click on the name for rules. 

Additional Rule :

The cells with the same symbols behave exactly the same way, and the cells with different symbols behave in different ways. For e.g:- if a cell contains symbol and the top border has the loop segment on it then all other cells where that symbol is present will also have loop segment on the top border of that cells.
Click here for additional explanation ! :)
I would try making with more symbols introduced and much harder one ! :)

Difficulty : Easy :)

Puzzle :

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