Saturday, January 14, 2012

Rectangular Regional Masyu

Description :

As i said earlier this is my second creation. This is very new genre of puzzle and you will not find it anywhere else.
Click here to see the first one (Regional Masyu). This is basically a extended version of previous creation.
This you will see in the rules. It can also be termed as SHIKAKU-MASYU variation. Click on their names for their individual rules.

Rules :
Click on the names for their rules. I have linked the rules page here because stating basic rules again and again makes no sense.
1) Masyu rules apply
2) Shikaku rules apply
3) Regional Masyu rules

Additional rule
4) Difference between the Regional Masyu puzzle and this one is
    that Finding that regions is also part of the puzzle.

5) Finding regions makes it a Shikaku type.
6) Regions left out with no given number in it has no restrictions
    on number of turns.(see example) (i.e Numberless Regions)

7) Two numberless regions cannot be adjacent to each other. 
    (i.e. Sharing an edge)
8) Remeber you have to use all three rules together to solve the
    puzzle completely.

Following example will clarify the rules

Example :
Solution :
Here you can see that a region of 1 cell restricts the N to be equal to 1. Thus N = 1. Now while solving this example you will see that  that 9 can have two possibilities but because of  REGIONAL MASYU rule only one option is possible. Also the region of 3 cells i.e. at row 1 column 2,3,4. contains no given number. So in that region the constraint on number of turns does not apply.

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