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The Indian Puzzle Championship 2011 will consist of 13 regional rounds held in the months of January to March 2011. The top 3 from each of these regional rounds will be invited for the national finals on 12-Jun-2011. The team which will represent India at the World Sudoku Championship will be selected on the basis of the performance in the Indian Sudoku Championship National Final (TOP 4).

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There are several ways in which you could qualify for a position in the National Finals.

You could be amongst the top 3 at one of the regional rounds.
You could be amongst the top 15 from the Online Qualifying round which will be held on date.

The 13 regional rounds will be held as a part of the college festivals in reputed colleges in different colleges across the country. The regional rounds will be held in the cities of Mumbai, Kharagpur, Rourkela, Goa, Guwahati, Bangalore, Kanpur, Hyderabad, Ranchi, Bhopal, Delhi, Roorkee and Pilani in the months from January to March. The regional round finals will be held between the top 60 participants from the region. The 60 finalists will be selected from Regional Prelims which will be open to all participants. For more details regarding the venue and dates of the regional round nearest to you please have a look at the Schedule.

The national finals was held on 12th June at Community Hall inside DRDO Complex, CV Raman Nagar, Bengaluru (Bangalore).



As it was first time that i have been qualified for the national finals. Few of my friends from Mumbai itself, who were in this field from past 2-3 years were lot experienced. I knew it would not be so easy to beat them up and get to the top 4 . But i was confident of atleast giving a tough fight to them.

There were 3 rounds in all to decide TOP 4.
Round 1
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This round was the tough challenge as the point system was based on number of puzzles you could solve in the given time limit.
It was 11.00 when the countdown for the competition stopped and it began. It was this time i had put all my intelligence, practise and confidence into the action. Some how I was able to crack 14 of 20 puzzles.
Results were declared immediately after the round. My heartbeat was increasing.
I saw that 2 of my puzzles went wrong due to silly mistakes and it costed me to be at 3rd position with 240 points instead of 2nd. Anyways this was not the end still 2 more rounds to go.

Round 2
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This round was really big headache. It was a big challenge to everyone. No one was in practise to it as the size of puzzles were 20 x 20.This round could have made much difference in the standings.
As the round started and i was able to crack 3 of 8 puzzles.It was to my expectations but obviously could have done better. As we were discussing after this round, i got that i could move upto 2nd position as it was very bad round for many.
But there my unfortunate lies, one puzzle was given wrong and ROUND WAS CANCELLED.
So we were left with only 2 rounds to decide TOP 4 and one round to fight for.

Round 3
PUZZLES : Download Puzzle Booklet
This round i had to score more than 200 points to make it to TOP 4. It was tension all around. They started distributing puzzles. Not thinking of result i started solving as many as i could do. After completing it was satisfactory that i solved for 285 points and was confident to be in TOP 4.
Then my Bad luck came into picture. 3 of my puzzles went wrong again due to my silly mistake. Probably i was overconfident or i was overlooking it. It was shocking news to me as i just got 185 points. I finished at 7th position. Difference between 4th spot points and mine was only 35 points(equivalent to one puzzle costing 40 points). I just missed my chance to world championship.

Anyways it was very nice experience.I learned a lot and the main thing i made many new friends who were very experienced. Later i thought it was good enough that they got selected as i am very new to it, i might not have very good experience at world level.
I will work hard to come to that level and then try to crack next year national championship.


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