Saturday, May 19, 2012

Puzzle No 65 - LITS

Issue :- At row10c1 and row10c2 both touch each other and are both I pieces violating the rules of LITS. Please assume that part as possible for this puzzle and solve remaining part according to the rules. I somehow missed that while verifying the puzzle. It will not happen next time. Thanks to    Δόλιχος to point out this issue.
So This is my first Puzzle after the break. So had to be something different. Its again new type on the blog. Also i made of large size 15*15. Moving towards the Puzzle.
Description :
It is LITS puzzle. Click on the name for the rules. I thought of using only L,I,T,S and make it although reflected rotated and of irregular size. As you will see in the left side of the puzzle most of them are L or I or T or S. But didn't succeed in that. Obviously this also fine with me as it is the first one for me. Njoy !!
Difficulty :- Medium (May be Hard also but confused!! :p)
Puzzle :- 
Solution : - Click here for Unique Solution.


  1. I hate to make my first comment only to point out a problem, but R10C1 and R10C2 are both under different I pieces. The only fixes I could spot were pretty extensive and logic altering, though I'd like to be proven wrong on that.

    1. Oh yeah got it..
      Don't no how i have ignored that.
      Will edit the post. Anyways i will keep the puzzle same and will edit later as i am quite busy now.
      Thanks for pointing out!! :)

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