Saturday, May 19, 2012


Hey, As announced in earlier posts about LMI may puzzle test "NO NUMBERS". All puzzles were new to me. And getting familiar with that there is no other better way than creating a one. Although still other types i am trying to grasp it. I succeeded in making two of them for " TRIO CUT".
Rules : You can refer the Instruction Booklet (Download) - Sample puzzle given along with rules.
I am giving rules here again so that no need to go to IB all the time.
1) Paint some cells black to make some triminos so that each trimino will be cut twice by thick lines.
2) Each region bordered by thick lines should have three painted cells.
Difficulty :- Between Easy and Medium ( As first time for me too). Will see if i could get a hard one.
Puzzle 66 :-
Puzzle 67 :-
Unique solutions :- Click here.

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