Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Puzzle No 63 (Fillomino)

Description :-
It is Fillomino Puzzle. Click on the name for the rules. Actually this puzzle was for tomorrow, but i doubt that i will get time to publish it. So i am posting it today itself. Finally a symmetry puzzle by me. Had to compromise in giving two more additional clues just for the sake of symmetry. But still the difficulty is not affected much by it. 
Again, ignore the coloring as this would just indicate the originally given numbers and to highlight the symmetry. :p
Difficulty :- Hard one!! 
Puzzle :-
Unique Solution :- Click here.


  1. Nice puzzle. One of your best, and good work on the pattern :)

  2. thank you..
    actually i started creating first puzzle of this type with 10*10 size and i was stuck for half an hour than thought that start with small sizes.
    so made a 3*3 then 5*6 and then finally 10*10 and it went out to be good one :)