Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Objective / Rules :-
Fill in grid cells with numbers as per following rules :-
1)  Some of the numbers are already given.
2) The area, connected by same numbers horizontally or vertically, is called "Block".
3) Each block contains cells as same as that number.
So your grid gets divided into different size blocks, after you have filled all the numbers.
4) Same size block must not touch each other, Horizontally or Vertically.

I have tried to simplify the rules as much as i can.
The example puzzle should clarify your doubts.
Here is the link for alternate explanation of Rules :-
1) Palmer Mebane Blog

2) Nikoli Website

Example :-
Unique Solution :-
Here you can see that there is no option for 2 number to have 1 more cell connected to it other than in between 1-1 (else it would violate rule no 4.)
Secondly, the remaining cells has to be 1 complete block of 5 cells else trying to divide into 2 or 3 or.. blocks will violate the rule no 4.

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