Sunday, March 18, 2012

Puzzle No 45 (Slitherlink Variant)

Description :
I was trying some new rules on the Slitherlink puzzle and ended with this one. I don't know whether this variant already present or not. Anyways enjoy this!!! :) :)
Rules :-
1) Normal rules (click on name for the same) 
Additional Rules:-
2) ALL yellow colored cells will have same appearance in the Solution. It means if a particular yellow colored cell is like this
(as shown below)  then all other yellow cells will also be 

(as shown below).

3) These yellow cells should be outside the closed loop.

The following puzzle will clarify the rules properly.
This one is the first puzzle so it is Easy one!!
I have not yet decided the name of this variant.

Puzzle :-
Unique Solution : Click here


  1. Nice simple puzzle as an introduction to the variant. Well done :)

    One small tip - In a slitherlink puzzle especially, since I'm going to use the edges for the loop, I'd like some half a cell width of white space there. Else it gets a bit confusing. You can see my slitherlinks for what I mean.

  2. ok no problem,
    thanks for the tip. :)