Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Puzzle No 48 (Ripple Effect)

Description :

Introduction to another new type of puzzle Ripple Effect on this blog. Click on the name for the rules.
The rules page also has a flash interface which shows the rules dynamically through a certain sample puzzle. 
I took around 10 min to create this one. After that you will be comfortable with rules. Njoy this one!! :)
Just for the sake of quick review i am giving the rules here also :-

1) The areas surrounded by bold lines are called "Rooms".
2) A room has all the numbers up to the number of cells in the

3) If a number appears more than once in a row or column, there
    must be at least the number of cells equal to the number between
    these numbers.

Difficulty : Easy-ish to start with.

Update !!! - Puzzle is Wrong and needs a fix. Please do not solve this. It will be fixed soon. Thank you for your patience. 

Puzzle :-
Unique Solution :- Click here


  1. Not really easy. And, seemingly broken. In solution posted, cells I5 and I9 are both 4s. They don't have >=4 cells between them. Oops.

  2. Thanks Jon for pointing out the mistake. You are correct. Will fix it soon.