Monday, March 26, 2012

Puzzle No 52 (Tapa Snake)

Description :
Tapa is a puzzle Created by Serkan Yurekli. 
This is one of the variations of Tapa or rather one of the variations of Snake puzzle in what ever way you consider. It is Tapa Snake puzzle.

Rules :-
1) Locate a snake in the grid, moving horizontally or vertically
    without touching itself even diagonally (i.e not even at a point).

1) Clues inside the grid are regular Tapa clues, indicating the
    number of cells occupied by the snake
    (Click on the name for more clarity).

2) The Head and Tail of snake are given as black Circles.

Difficulty : Easy-ish (As the first timer).
Puzzle :-
Unique Solution :- Click here


  1. Fun easy puzzle. To be honest, took me about 20 seconds but I guess the "ish" part of the rating's fine as both of the involved genres are ones I'm strong at :P

  2. Yup, This variation has lots of restrictions and upon it the size i choose 10 * 10 so it was easy. Next time i will try to make it hard.
    And of course you are strong in it atleast this 20 sec will increase to 1-2 min.I just started getting into the variations after giving this 3 TVC's.
    Secondly that "ish" i saw it on your blog and used it.
    I thought it sounds better Than easy. :)