Monday, June 18, 2012

Puzzle No 75 - MASYU NO TOUCH

How to start this post?. The Samurai Puzzle Test was my worst performance ever. So it seems that i need a little break from all these to get fresh up. But i will try to create puzzles and post it whenever possible. Here goes one after such a long time. Njoy this one!. Again the first puzzle of new type so the difficulty is easy side. :)
Rules :-
This is another Masyu Variant. It was used in IPC 2012. 
All Masyu Rules apply. Click on the name for rules. Additional rules are as follows :-
1) Cells unvisited by the loop cannot be orthogonally adjacent to each other.

Difficulty :- Easy-ish !!
Puzzle :-
Unique Solution :-    Click here

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