Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kakuro Solving Techniqes

(clcik here for rules)

Technique 3 :

example 1

example 1, with answer
Combo reference
This technique works by picking a run and performing a cross reference on every square along it, weening out combinations until you have only 1 left.

In this example we take the "across" run 12, which has the combinations (3+9, 4+8 and 5+7).

The first square (A) intersects a run with the combinations (1+4 and 2+3). Since neither 5 or 7 appear in these, we can discount the 5+7 combination from the first run. However, this still leaves us with the combinations (3+9 and 4+8).

The second square (B) intersects with a run which has only 1 combination (7+9), and since the (4+8) combination shares no common numbers we can remove it, leaving only 1 combination for our original run (3+9).

Knowing that this run has only 1 combination, we can now fill in this section of the puzzle.

(clcik here for rules)

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