Saturday, May 14, 2011


Facts :

This genre was invented by Léon Balmaekers and was first published in the Dutch puzzle magazine Breinbrekers in 1989, where it was named "Alle ballen verzamelen".

Rules : 

It is hot in the holidays, and the campground is full of guests. Eveybody wants a spot in the shade of one of the nice trees that are scattered over the ground, but no-one likes to be too close to his neighbours.

  1. Next to every tree there will have to be put a tent, either horizontally or vertically. 
  2. Tents do not touch eachother, not even diagonally.
  3. The numbers next to and below the diagram tell how many tents there are in that particular row or column.
Generally for this type of puzzle grid is of large size, but take a small one as an example (shown below).

Example :

Solution : 

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