Thursday, September 1, 2011


1) There is LABELS section on right side when you open my blog.

2) Under the LABELS section you will find :-
1) 3 different TYPES of labels.
2) First the different puzzle types (different labels) that i have posted till date.
3) As you click on a particular LABEL, a new page will open where you will find - 

  •  Rules - all the conditions/restrictions to solve that puzzle.
  •  Example & solution - It will clarify the rules.
  •  Practice puzzles - It will make you more familiar with the rules. (solution is given)
4) Secondly RIDDLES section where you can decode different varieties of riddles.
5) Lastly AMAZING THINGS section where you will find something interesting to know.
6) Dont miss out on the SOLVING TECHNIQUES section.

  • As you may not be aware of many of these techniques, it would really prove helpful.
  • You may not find many of these techniques on other websites. (except for SUDOKU and KAKURO which are quite common)
  • Frequently check this section as I would post updates on the various new techniques for solving puzzles.
3) If possible please post your time taken to solve a particular puzzle in the comment box of that puzzle.

4) It would be helpful for you and others also to check how fast you are able to solve. It will make you aware about the improvement required in your solving skills.

check out : HOW TO SOLVE A PUZZLE? section.  (click on it)

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