Monday, January 25, 2016

Puzzle Ramayan 2015-16: Shading Round (Jan 23-26)

Do you like Shading ? 
Well here is Ongoing Shading Round of Puzzle Ramayan 15-16 on Logic Masters India authored by Me.
About Puzzle Ramayan:
Puzzle Ramayan rounds will also serve as qualifiers for Indian Puzzle Championship for year 2016. Please check here for details (
About this episode:
This episode has 22 puzzles, with 5 base puzzle types and 2 Instructionless puzzles based on two of the types.
Instructions Booklet (…)
Tips for Windows Puzzles:
Click here
If you are having any trouble with any of the puzzles, please comment in forum or here , and will post the steps to solve those puzzles.

Best of luck :)

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