Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Puzzle No 124: Alphabet Sudoku

This would be the last puzzle for year 2014. I sincerely say "THANKS" to all of you who have supported me throughout the year solving my puzzles, testing it, encouraging me to create more. I hope you continue your support for my blog in coming years. 
With special day, I create a special puzzle for you all and wish you to have a Great Year ahead in 2015. I wish you in my style and it would be a Sudoku to Solve.

Creating a Alphabet Sudoku for first time, Hope you will like it and Enjoy it :)
I made this effort in the last 1 hr to go. Thanks to Prasanna for testing it in last minutes.

Place alphabets "H A P Y N E W R O" in the grid such that each row,column and 3*3 box contain the alphabets only once.

Theme: Happy New Year [AOPW - 2015]

Difficulty: Medium--


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