Sunday, November 9, 2014

Puzzle No 114: Yajilin

This one is my first Yajilin creation and it turns out to be very hard. I will post the solving steps after few days. It might feel it has bit sloppy flow and the steps is quite a small trial and error at start (like eliminating few combinations to reach one - small hint to start with). I will be creating more in future and will make sure it won't turn out to be this much hard. Hope you will still like it :).

Blacken some white cells and then draw a single closed loop (without intersections or crossings) through all remaining white cells. Blackened cells cannot share an edge with each other. Some cells are outlined and in gray and cannot be part of the loop. Numbered arrows in such cells indicate the total number of blackened cells that exist in that direction in the grid.

Theme: Symmetric

Difficulty: Very Hard


Enjoy Solving

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