Thursday, September 4, 2014

Puzzle No 100: Something New :)

So being Puzzle No 100, I have been thinking what special i can make. I was travelling in bus and thinking what new i can create. Finally got this idea and created a new variant in Sudoku using concept of Arrow Sudoku. It's name is MAXIMUM Sudoku.

Place numbers in the grid such that each row,column and 3*3 box contain the numbers 1-9. 
Additionally, the circle will contain maximum of all digits which are covered by its arrow. 
For e.g. If arrow contains digits 3,6,7 along its path then circle will contain 7.

Difficulty: Medium+

Theme: Symmetric & Logical


Hope You All Will Enjoy :) :) !!


  1. Congrats for reaching this milestone and good job with the puzzle, it was an interesting solve. It isn't that easy to find new ideas of sudoku variants, so good luck already for puzzle 200!

    1. Thank you so much. Congrats to you too for your 100th Puzzle Post. I agree it's difficult to find new types because mostly all common one exists, of course we can mix up two things like hybrid but then it loses its classic nature and simpleness.