Thursday, July 10, 2014

Contributions to Logic Masters India Patreon

I am also Contributing Puzzles to the Patron System of LMI. But to access that you need to become Patron of Logic Masters India. Main Features of becoming Patron are:
1) Bonus Puzzles Every Month
2) Exclusive Puzzle Packs
3) Solution/Walk-through of Highest Rated Puzzles from any tests held during that month on LMI website.

Brief Details:

The Patreon page representing LMI covers the pledge details (and will be linked to in a day or two), so there we have the details of the puzzle sets available, and also planned sets for the future. These sets are available as E-books as an early release for Patrons. We will soon work out standalone costs as well, so that direct purchases can be made by e-mailing LMI. The main feature LMI is requesting support for is the website, but LMI will make an effort to put in exclusive Puzzle packs mentioned on the page as well. As of now, since it is mostly made up of puzzle packs that have already been used for Championships, there is an "Exclusive" tag placed on the ones which are not available elsewhere (this includes Puzzle sets that have been used for Championships where the organizers have agreed to block public access immediately after the competition time). However, please note that the hints feature is exclusive to the packs available here. 

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Keep supporting LMI.

Thank you.

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