Sunday, March 23, 2014

Puzzle No 90 (Coded Nurikabe)

Standard Rules of Nurikabe Applies:

Shade some blank cells so that the grid is divided into white regions. Each white region contains exactly one numbered cell and has same area as the number. Two white regions may only touch each other diagonally. All shaded cells are connected to each other horizontally or vertically. Shaded cells do not form 2X2 squares.

Additional Rule:
Determine the number in place of '?' which will make the solution unique. Remember there is a unique number which can make the solution unique.




  1. Huh, I was expecting that some question mark values will give multiple solutions to make it some kind of "meta" feeling. Apparently the values of the question marks are forced (other values give *no* solutions). But nice puzzle nevertheless; interesting twist at Nurikabe.

  2. Thanks
    glad you liked it. Sorry for the late reply.
    I will try to make few more :)